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Running for more than a quarter of a century in the West End, one show has stood the test of time and been seen by more people than any other musical on the London theatre scene. In its 25th year in 2010 it celebrated more than 10,000 performances of its run in the capital, whilst international productions allow further audiences around the world the opportunity to feast their eyes on what is regarded as the must-see musical. Then of course, a new movie version of the story featuring Russell Crowe among the cast members has also solidified its place in global consciousness.

The production is Les Misérables, which continues to create a lasting impression at its home of the Queen’s Theatre, where it has ran since its transfer there in 2004. It started out life at the Barbican Theatre in 1985, where it ran for two months before it made the transition to the Palace Theatre – the location it remained in for the majority of its 25 plus year run.

But there is no end in sight for Les Misérables and nor should there be. This is not only the longest running musical in London but the longest running on the planet, breaking the record set by Cats in 2006 when it entered its 21st year (however, it still has some way to go to beat The Mousetrap, which opened its doors in 1952, making it the longest running play and the longest running show in the world).

But what is the story of Les Misérables and how has it managed to create such an impression? For starters, the musical is based on an already-successful book from the pen of Victor Hugo, published in 1862 and chronicling social and political strife at a time when Napoleonic rule was gripping Europe and Paris was in a state of upheaval.

The story itself focuses on Jean Valjean, an ex con who has recently been released from prison. But the local community is unwilling to welcome Valjean back with open arms, instead rendering him an outcast. As a result, instead of reeling from the benefits of newfound freedom, he is forced to seek refuge with the Bishop of Digne.

Soon enough, Valjean lands himself in hot water once again and he quickly ends up in a power struggle with a determined Police Inspector called Javert. Valjean is caught stealing silver, forcing the Bishop to lie for him and spare him from further imprisonment. But the Inspector is not convinced and over a 20 year period we watch as the Javert does everything he can to capture the man that violated his parole.

The epic story of Les Misérables is amplified by some well known songs, including Do You Hear The People Sing?, One Day More and On My Own.

Les Misérables continues at the Queen’s Theatre.

Booking From: Monday, 23rd July 2018

Booking Until: Saturday, 2nd March 2019

Running Time: 2 horus and 50 min

Age Restriction: Recommended for children aged 7 or over; children under 5 will not be admitted. Parental guidance advised.

Important Info: Recommended for children aged 7 or over; children under 5 will not be admitted. Parental guidance advised. Seats on the side of the Upper Circle are classed as side view restricted. Seats from Row R back in the Stalls and Row H back in the Dress Circle may be restricted view due to the overhang and may not have a view of the top of the stage.

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